Thursday, August 19, 1993

coNstrution on raft

Note from 2012: In order to encase a fuller view of my personal history I have decided to transcribe a diary from 1990. The view points have not been changed, and the spelling (which was horrible) has not been changed. Eventually I might also include a scan of each page along with the rough transcript.


coNstrution on raft TAKeing Place. 2nd day today. estumAted time 1 week to 4 days. plaN:

other toPic's: caN you crack coDe's? Crack this one:

IM crassy. Not. telling thing's is toghF. Becouuse Im yoNg. You and I. Looked Looked I Looked.

A: ˙pǝʞoo⅂ noʎ ǝsnoɔǝ8 ƃuıʃʃǝʇ ʇoᴎ WI

BeWare any Time I caN LeaV code's to you!

Aug. 19 1993

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