Thursday, December 13, 2007

forward forward

So things seem to be moving forward in the work department. Positive. It'll all be OK, I suppose. But thats boring. What else is new? Well, not much.

I did upload billions of pictures to my album site, check them out if you want. Tons of pictures of when Evan visited me, when my mum came for a visit, and all sorts of other stuff. I have even more to upload, but haven't got around to it yet. (On an unrelated technical note, I changed the current look of my blog. It doesn't work in IE, so I might change it again, but I currently use firefox so it doesn't bother me. End of unrelated technical note.)
It's been getting really cold here in Tokyo, but winter is cold in many parts of the world so I wont bother to say much about that. In fact, I'm really unsatisfied with this blog post. I almost pressed cancel, but whatever a diary is a diary. So here we go.
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