Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a new year dawns

I seem to be a bit delinquent with the whole blog thing, so I am sitting down here to write something. The old and odd Stuck With You, by Huey Lewis & The News just popped onto my computer, which is set on loud to drown out the pounding sound of the workmen ripping the surface off the small alley behind my house. They are just going to repave it after they pull it up. Noisy thundering and machines blocking me in to my house. I am suppose to get out of here soon, so I hope they clear a way so I can get out of my house.

And now Basket Case by Green Day is on the computer (my collection is rather eclectic and random) and my mind is pulling me into a Geocities chat room from a million years ago, a long time before I ever heard this band live, chatting with someone who mentioned Green Day. I had no idea they were talking about a band. Naive innocence of youth, lost?

This experimental "mind flow" blogging is failing.

Now the computer presents me Love Love Show by The Yellow Monkey. A good song, also with it's connected moments and memories. Music is like that, a kind of mental bookmark.

I need to get ready to go out.

Hello 2011, I hope we can believe in the brightness of the dawn.
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