Monday, June 29, 2009

classic dilemma

I am signing another contract with my company this week, and they
asked me if I wanted to work a massively intensive schedule for more
money or a laid-back schedule for predictably less money. It's the
classic "more money, less free time" versus "more free time, less
money" dilemma distilled into a real life choice. I told my boss I
would think about it and tell him this week. I think that I knew that
in my heart which one I would go with. I really genuinely love
teaching, it's part of my identity. Although, with that said, I also
like time to be creative. Making short movies, writing poems or
stories, and just generally expressing myself are something I value a
lot too. So I am going to accept the less money but more free time
option. I have told myself for at least three years now that I would
finish a few books (yes, I am secretly working on a few books even
now) and somehow film a few film ideas I have. So maybe 2009-2010 will
be my true year of creation, even though I think that quite often. So
look forward to all sorts of odd creativity from me if my schedule
opens up slightly.
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