Sunday, November 26, 2006

red leaves

crop size click for bigger set of picturesSometimes its hard to express culture things in words, but I want to somehow express a short trip I went on a few days ago. I went to a state near Fuji-san, and checked out the red leaves. Watching the red leaves (momiji) is a Japanese culture event in Fall. In correct manner, its a bit orchestrated and even scheduled on TV and what not, but the beautiful leaves capture something beyond all the setup of this natural event. There is something poetic in the moment of transmission from vibrant life, to a red crimson last-shine before they fall and become part of the soil which encourages more life to grow. I cant really capture it in words beyond these that I tried to share here, so I guess I will let pictures do the talking. Heres the link for the photo set of the best pictures I took. There are about 20 of them, just click the next link (in the upper right) from this picture to see all of them, enjoy vibrant colors of nature. I also took three good videos including the view of Fuji-san in the morning. Moments in time.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

nice people & etc

So I was thinking I should act like my blog is a "time capsule" and I should just fill it up with those baasic day to day things that are maybe boring, but they are my life at the moment. So I was coming home today, and I was tired from teaching and so I fell asleep on the train and dropped my ticket (which I had been foolishly holding) so when I got to the ticket counter I thought he'd make me buy a new one (because foreigners have been pretending to loose their tickets so they have gotten more hard on people about lost tickets) so I went up to the train guy and said (in Japanese of course) "oh I want to buy a new ticket." and he asked where I came from, and I told him the truth, even though it was far away, and he asked me how much I had paid, and I was like "uhm... like I think 310YEN." and I apparently got it right, or he felt sorry for me, because he said "well, today you can go through with no ticket, but dont loose it next time." I smiled and rushed off. I am wishing now I had thanked him more, it was cool to have a "nice" moment inside this busy mean big city.
And I thought I would also mention a habbit of mine that I was thinking might be a little odd. Recently I havent had time when I am getting ready in the morning, and if I am eating noodles instead of rice, I boil my water and put in the noodles, start the shower, and then take the bowl of noodles into the shower and eat while starting the first rinse. I saves time, and makes sense to me (I hold the bowl out of the stream of water so it doesnt get mixed with shower water) and I dont think I will stop this habbit soon, but I'm wondering how odd it might be. Before I run away I thought I should share a smile or two, so heres a freaky video from old Japanese TV; rainbow man fights with silver faced freak.

Friday, November 10, 2006


inside Takadanobaba station - click to see big
Seasons turn in cycles, I spin, the days continue. I am alive and enjoying my days, but finding my mind slowly pulled into the "day to day" burn of a regular job. My creativity seems to be disapearing, something that I dont like. I need to work on more projects, do more things, be more creative. 2006 was supposed to be my year of collaboration, but none of my friends had the time or desire to collaborate I guess. So I guess 2007 will be my year of personal creation. Make some cool new ideas and send them fluttering off into the world. Stay tuned.
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