Thursday, January 26, 2006

lazy days

Today I woke up late, ate some crackers and drank some lemon tea. I went to Kowloon Bay and walked around. I saw cute turtles swimming in a dirty artifical pond. I watched them, swimming and I wondered what a space turtle would look like. I came home, cooked some dimsum, and listened to music. Rewrote "Jonny B Goode"... in Japanese.
Ahh, the life of a jobless freeform being. I'm loving it.

Friday, January 20, 2006

first thoughts

Well, I have only been living here in Hong Kong for a few days I guess. (A week?) But here are a few of my first thoughts... it's interesting how I can instantly read signs quicker than in Korea. Korea had the hangul alphabet which made ANYTHING readable, but the meaning was lost unless I knew the word. Here I can't read the sound of anything, but because of chinese characters that cantonese is written in, I know the meaning of some of the signs.. (of course my Chinese character skills are still quite low, but still, an interesting difference...)
My day to day life has been wonderful. Wake up late (2 or 3) listen to music, read some books while making brunch, and then out for a walk around the neighborhood, write a poem or two, and then back to the house for dinner, and later maybe a jump to the internet room. It's like I'm an old retired dude, but I'm not quite super old yet. It's perfect! Although I should get out and see more of Hong Kong while I'm here. I've made some connections with a tutor or two and hope to learn some more Cantonese also...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In Hong Kong

Click for big version. My neighborhood, busy street, Hong Kong.Something like Yesterday I came to Hong Kong again. I had too many bags, but somehow I managed to get to my new place with the help of my Hong Kong friend Polly. I will be staying in a small apartment by myself for the next two months. The room is on the second floor of a small apartment, behind a big library building. A fairly big window opens up on an artificial hill, with old leaves, and trees growing. The floor is cold tile, and I am sleeping on it (actually thin mat, sleeping bag, and then me), which I guess is good for my back. Polly loaned me a rice cooker and a few plates, and so I'm basically ready to kickback, read books and explore Hong Kong for the next two months. I'm excited. The weather is wonderful, it's winter here which means its about 65 or 70 degrees fahrenheit with a soft wind blowing. The air is alive, with some sort of "city spice" or something, I can't explain it but I always feel like the air is different in each country I visit, and for some reason Hong Kong feels "spicy" to me this time. So I'm here, I'm alive, and thats all I feel like writing today, I must sleep because I plan to meet my New Zealand pen pal tomorrow (who happens to be in Hong Kong at the same time)...! The days curl up, fall into the grip of tomorrow's wind and blow into yesterday.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

6th vlog - korean new years

I went downtown to meet other people at a certain station or something, but the huge mass of people made that impossible. I got out of the train where I could and walked to the action. It was insane, hundreds of thousands of people all shooting roman candle fireworks in the air non-stop. Talk about a safety hazard. It was surreal, watching the endless rainbow sparks shoot into the air, like a tunnel of fire welcoming the new year.
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