Friday, February 28, 2003

Hyo Eun visits us in Bellingham!

Ok up there is the very normal picture we took when Hyo Eun first got here to Bellingham to visit me and Yeun Kyong.
but! We took a lot of crazy pictures too!! I wish I could put them all here, but... heres a few! (click the links!)
hyo eun tries to lick the camera
I promise me and yeun kyong weren't drunk!!?
good picture, except I almost look like I'm swallowing my chin!

Anyway, it was so cool that she came to visit us from Na-na-nanaimo, Canada.. (only a few hours away actually) On friday we had a drinking party with some of yeun kyong's korean and japanese friends... on saturday I invited them (and Bored Girl) to go with me to this really cool African Caribbean culture show on campus, which was really cool... and after that we went back to my appartment and had a "pizza party" while watching a weird Korean movie named in English "Barking Dogs Don't Bite"... on Sunday, Hyo Eun came with Yeun Kyong to my radio show... I interviewed Hyo Eun but Yeun Kyong wouldn't talk!! But anyway, it was a lot of fun! Yay!

in other news... CONGRADULATIONS NICKY AND FC (as he refers to her on his site)!! They have a baby coming, and I'm so excited for them.. and if its a her, a really really really vote for Zoe Loi, because I think that name is awesome! (I put a link to Nicky's page on my outside links to the right!) anyway.... SAMPAI JUMPA!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Quick note about MASSIVE AMAZING self realizations:

Found my name under the traditional song: "Dansen Ungdom" which is a Slangpolska style dance often played on Nyckelharpa or Kontrabasharpa instrements. This is so true.

Read all about the Nyckelharpa, which is sweedish... leading me to belive I might have found the orgin of my name? A sweedish name? This is interesting. Not sure, I am sure I have a theme song for the moment though. Ok everyone sing with me: "Dansen Ungdom medan ni for mar innan eduranga arforsvinna..."!! .....anyway, as is said in Tagalog? PALAM!

Monday, February 17, 2003

stop war!

I just got my LA pictures back, and I have a lot of cool pictures! I should post them on the internet... the above picture is a stop sign that someone put a red "war" sticker under, so it reads "stop war" ... pretty clever I think. (I took that picture while driving around LA with Kayo in her cool rented car.)

This Friday was awesome! ISC & some of CSA went out to a Thai resturant, there was 8 of us all sharing food so it ended up really cheap! After that some of us went to see that new movie Dare Devil. On saturday several friends had said they were going to hang out with me, but none of them called or came by my appartment so I just hung out with myself. I actually really like hanging out with me... but I wanted some cold beers, but I couldn't find my ID so I couldn't go buy any... which annoyed me! But yeah.. uhm. I'm ok! ... Today is my radio show (Sundays! 3-5pm, 89.3fm~!) and I'm actually looking forward to it even though I'm kinda tired today. DAAG!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Shibuya! Fresh from Japan: Shibuya

Kayo sent me another damn cool picture from Japan with her kickass Nipponese cellphone thingie. Thats "downtown" tokyo (saw a segment on Travel channel yesterday with the same view!) and its very ‚Ȃ‚©‚µ to see that picture. (OK, I said I wouldn't type ALOT of Japanese here, for that go to my Japanese journal)

Life has been spinning past me. Mid-term tests are in my college this week, seems too fast. I'll surive though... and maybe someday I'll graduate. Maybe! SAMPAI JUMPA, TEMAN SAYA!

Sunday, February 09, 2003

I can't belive this! I am feeling really frustrated about not being able to graduate, and about how my teacher seems to want me to want her vision or she wont let me graduate.. and I was watching TV right now and the most ironic Twilight Zone is on the TV. Its a show about students who can not leave their school because they have computer chips in their brain that control them and keep them in school. One person's opperation fails and he knows, he becomes aware that the others are being controled. He complains to his room mate who is controled by the computer chip and his room mate says "No ones leaves school until they graduate, and no one graduates until they are with the program." Its so scary... I can't explain how ironic this feels to me right now.
On friday me and Polly hung out with two cool AUAP students guys. It was fun, we ate pizza, and sushi. We also played card games, and I used some of my Korean coins so we could bet on the game. It was silly, when someone lost the card game we would all slap their hand! After that I went to Yong Min's roomate's birthday party. It was fun, hanging out, and I drank 4 cold coronas. Almost everyone there was an international student in IEP, but I knew some of the students. I stayed there until 4 in the morning.

Tonight I went to the Black Heritage Month Dinner on campus. It was really good, the speaker (I think his name was Craig Mack?) was so powerful. His speech honestly almost made me cry. He was talking about how knowing and being aware of history is important. Of course America's history is very sad sometimes when we remember the horrible things people did to other people, but also his words were so powerful and beautiful. I'll be thinking about that wonderful speech for quite awhile I think.

I was in the computer lab today waiting for the time of that Dinner. And two guys were teasing each other and one guy said something and the other American guy said: "I don't know that language, all I know is German, Sweedish, and Indonesian." Maybe he was joking, but it would be really cool to have somone to talk to in my bad Indonesian. I should have asked him, I just didn't know how too brake into their conversation...! ANJING! ~~~ ....ITU SEMPAT HABIS. ... T.T

Friday, February 07, 2003

around kayo's house

With this posting, I'm including a picture above of the area around Kayo's parent's house... Her new fancy hi-tech Nipponese cellphone sent that to me. Its cool.

I'm affraid right now that my diary is becoming boring, but I also realize it dosen't matter because the most important fact is that this is mainly for me.

With that said, let me say something that happened this week. I was waiting for the bus. The guy next to me started talking to me, I thought he was kind of odd, but I just had a conversation with him. Then a person who could not see came and sat down in the middle of us. The guy looks at her walking stick, and says to her "looks like you don't need that." She ignores him with a huff of her voice, so he knows she heard but refuses to answer. The guy is getting annoyed, so I try to change the subject and ask her about how her walking stick works... ("technologically, is it hollow so it vibrates as you walk?" etc) She also ignores that. He starts to get mad at her about not answering, so I try to calm him down by telling him that the universe dosen't require anything of anyone. She turns towards me and says "I wonder if he is always this much of an asshole?" he gets really angry, and says "Well, I won't try to justify my self as a decent human being!" and I try to explain to him what she didn't like about his attitude, but its lost on him. I wonder if she thinks I'm an idiot too, although she has a conversation with me about my major and school in general. My bus comes and that was the end of that moment.

Someone I didn't know today told me to put my shoes back on because my toes were stinky. I thought that was funny! anyway... INI HIDUP SAYA. SAMPAI JUMPA!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Year of the Ram

Gong Hey Fatt Choi~!

Wow! I don't know what to say. Tonight was CSA's Year of the Ram Chinese New Year Culture Dinner Event. I was one of the announcers who was giving speeches (the other was Nikki) and it was a lot of fun! Everything got changed at the last minute, and I had to say different things at different times. .. but it all worked out, I wasn't really nervous and it was actually fun standing up talking to the 200+ people in the crowd. I was also wearing King Yao's tuxedo, so it was fun to dress up. Several pictures were taken, and I'll put one here when I get it! Anyway, I'm sleepy so I'm going now. APA? SELAMAT MALAM! DAAG~~!

Saturday, February 01, 2003

This is us at Priscilla's house for Lunar New Years. (lef to right: polly, priscilla, me) We ate so much good food and watched the Korean movie "Yupki Girl" it was so much fun, but I need to go soon.. Priscy's mom needs the phone.. But I should say a FEW more words... uhm uhm... Priscilla gave me too much coffee and I cant sleep! But really the food was so good, all sorts of chicken beans and rice and nuts, squid, octopus, and etc etc. It was all so good! But anyway, I should go,.....DAAG!

A hate to be connected too much to our whimsical, ever changing times, but check out this flash animation. It takes a while to read it, but the author has some interesting currently relevent points to make. (re: war. etc)

Kayo sent me a really beautiful e-mail. I reallly liked the images it drew in my head, and I'm going to share it here. If she dosen't want me to, I will delete it. ^^; I should include a little explanation. In Japan they have public spas. ("public baths") And at Kayo's house the pipes froze over so her family needed to go to public bath to get washed up. Kayo's orginal writting:

The Spa place was so crawded because almost all the houses' hot water system is not working now, and my sister even met her teacher in her school. Everybody thinks the same thing (coming to spa). And, they have a spa outside also. It was so cold and snowing just a little bit, but I went out side alone, nobody was there, and I lay down on the water and put my head on a stone, and looked up the sky. The steam from the spa was coming up at my both side, and the sky was filled by lots of cloud, (it was like the steam thing became the cloud) and I thought about a lot of thing. I felt like I was vacuumed by the sky or something. I was thinking too much. (�ã‚Ì•û�A“ú–{Œê‚̃o�[ƒWƒ‡ƒ“‚Í‚±‚Á‚¿ Japanese version on my Japanese diary page.)

I've been advertising the CSA "Year of the Ram" event... more about how that goes later! INI BACA, TERIMA KASIH. SAMPAI JUMPA~!

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