Monday, March 07, 1994

what year is it

Note from 2012: In order to encase a fuller view of my personal history I have decided to transcribe a diary from 1990. The view points have not been changed, and the spelling (which was horrible) has not been changed. Eventually I might also include a scan of each page along with the rough transcript.


March 7th 1994! Wow
Hi, what year is it Today? 2020 AD? 2023 AD? 1903 AD? I dont theank it is that last one, do you? Dume talk, HuH. IM Board... ahhh! git that saw out of here! haha
Ok another Book revuew: ORP Gose to the Hoop and ORP and the Chop Sooie Burgers are 2 fast reading Boooks.
A verey long in depth Book 500 some pages, whew.

Wright a book. You, wright a book. Soon, wright soon.

What that sat? GoodBy!
P.S. it dident say GoodBy!
March 7th 1994 2:18 pm (not AM)

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