Tuesday, May 17, 2005

a stupid guy

This was in a personal archive, date is a guess. (Year should be OK.) I couldn't find it on here, so providing it for posterity. Reposted: August 2013

Have you ever thought "why did I say that?" but kept talking? I hope that the guy sitting across from me tonight on the train thought that atleast once.

Setup: night time train, coming home, not so heavy traffic, a giddy pair of two young almost budding into could-be-hetro-lovers-someday-soon boy and girl sit down across from me. The girl clearly likes the boy, the boy clearly feels the same way. So its the moment for the questions to attempt to make this romance blossom.

Girl asks boy, "So how long have your parents been married?"

Boy, "Oh well, my mom has been married like 3 times, she cant seem to stay with the same guy, always with a new one... i mean, but that wouldn't be like how I would want to be, I would want to be with one girl forever, ya know."

Girl pauses, tries to make her hint more clear and change subject,

"So what kind of girls do you like?"

Boy, "I like lots of girls, I mean, I've had a lot of girlfriends, I mean cute girls are nice."

Girl dosen't know what to say so she just nods.

Boy keeps going, "I mean, smart is good too. I've dated a lot of stupid girls, thats for sure."

Girl nods, slower, still not sure what to say to that.

Maybe boy is nervous because of her silene or maybe he just likes saying things that will leave the girl with no comments, so after an uncomfortable silence he continues,

"My ex-girlfriend was really cute and smart too, I like her a lot, I mean liked her a lot, she was really really good. Well, I mean, except she had issues, problems."

Girl has stopped nodding, she isn't interested in this conversation and boy seems to have put a spike in the budding romance, but he can't stop.

"I miss her sometimes of course, but who can be with a girl who has problems? She expected me to try to deal with her problems with her or something."

And I got off the train about there. Yes, I really did hear that conversation. And I wont critize his stupidity, sexism or anything, I'll leave that up to your personal judgement.

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