Saturday, January 22, 2005


The below entry was originally posted to a defunct web blog site, or somehow became missing. This has been recovered from an e-mail so it might not reflect perfectly the original post.

Self described boring entry. I ate, I tutored, I saw friends. That was
my weekend.

I had a weird dream though.

My friend and coworker in Japan, Nina, was talking to me in the
Japanese language. (Something she tried to do in real life, but never
really had a real conversation with me like in the dream.) And she was
telling me about how she thought of a way to improve the market for
those little machines that look like a car or something that you put a
coin and then it bounces you (or your kid) up and down for a few
minutes of mind numbing entertainment. (I don't know the English word
for these things, hope everyone knows what I mean.) Her idea, although
utterly useless, was really interesting to me. I thought "I should
write it down, so I can remember when I wake up." OK, so I know this
was a kind of stupid idea, because the pen and paper were in my mind,
and lets not mention the paradox of having a lucid dream about
someone's cool idea, that was really my own idea. Anyway, I started to
write down her idea but when I got to her name I couldn't write the NI
character right. If you don't know, its one of the simplest ones in
Japanese, its two horizontel strokes. Thats it. And even in the dream
I knew it was easy, but I couldn't do it. I kept making mistakes and
had to rewrite it. What a frustrating dream. Added to that, the idea
is a revelotion in the "bouncing kid entertainer machine" industry but
I'm not sure how to approach the market with Nina's idea. Well, I mean
my idea that my mind gave to Nina.

And thats all that was written.

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