Monday, May 26, 2003

Graduation Party!

Oh my god! I had so much fun at my graduation party... first I would like to say, so many people said so many nice things, I'd like to thank everyone who expressed such wonderful words...! And so many goodbye hugs, and everything, it was almost surreal. Thanks for the love (hate?) people! ^^ Oh and those of you who couldn't come, its ok, thanks for wanting (?) to be there anyway! But yeah, it was really really cool.

So ... it was Yeun Kyong's birthday (and sorta Shunsuke's birthday) so I wrote their names on a silly cake and I offered it to them, but no one ate it~!?! But I hope they felt appreciated too... Several of my Korean friends came with Yeun and shortly after they came... Usk and some AUAP students came.. and then lots of people came. The Korean people didn't stay too long because they wanted to go to another party for Yeun and the AUAP students saw Nickie (who works at the AUAP office) and claimed that they didn't want her to see them drinking, because they would get in trouble... so some of them left (Korean friends plus AUAP students, about 12 people?) and then I thought.. woah, I should take a panarama shot of the room! So I used Polly's camera and took panarama of the room (that link requires FLASH plug-in, if you don't want to see it in FLASH or if you just want to scroll slowly through a bigger version yourself, with out the help of the computer, click here) I made that long image from about 5 other images, so it dosen't fit all together. My brother also came up to visit me this weekend, and he was at the party but he was outside when I took this picture so he didn't get in it... It was cool seeing him though, and yes Nicky, he asked people for cigeretts. It was Polly's camera, so I guess thats how we thought to do it, but me and the other CSA people at the party decided to take a picture together and look... my hair is jumping off my head on the left! Also, Evan, Melissa and Eina came late but they came with big smiles! Hmm... I think thats all my photos? Once again, thank you to everyone for all the nice gifts and wonderful words... you're all too nice!

In other news, more personal and useless for everyone else... For some reason Bored Girl (also known as Hye Yeon, one of the two students [Yeun was the other one] who went to the school with me in Korea) and our mutual friend Sue have basically started ignoring me. I'm guessing Bored Girl hates me, and good for her, I actually feel like its balanced when people hate you... but it is frustrating because I don't know why she is hating me. Hmmm. Oh well, its life... theres not always answers.

And in other other news... I'm going to my radio show now!! and I'm bringing some new music, and its gunna be an awesome show!! wooo!! (sundays, 3-5pm, 89.3fm!!) anyway, ya'll take care, peace! TEMAN SAYA, SAMPAI JUMPA!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

hello world
I've recently realized that I'm really doing it. I'm really graduating. Wow. So here are my plans so far... After I graduate, maybe a week or two after.. about July 8th or so, I'll take an airplane to Korea...~~!

In Korea I'll meet some of the awesome people I met when I was at SWU's BIP exchange student thing. I will also try to meet my cool friend Uni. Also, I will try to hang out with Vicky and her friend (who is coming to Korea to visit her friend Yoonhi) and anyone else! I'll try to do that in about a week. Phew! Will I have enough time? So after that, roughly around July 15th, I will go to Japan. In Japan I will try to get a job as an English teacher. I will go to Japan on a tourist visa, and I will try to find a school who will sponsor me (let me get a working visa). One of my friends in Japan (was one of my illegal students about 3 years ago) told me about a job in Kanagawa.

That map should help those who don't know locate it on the map. (Although is it kinda wrong? I think maybe? but basically its right...) If I don't get that job (working at a preschool in Kanagawa) I'll have about 3 months more time, on my tourist visa, to find another job. I'll be going over with almost no money, so I think I'll be eating Onigiri (100YEN, about $1) very often.

If for some reason you don't know, Onigiri is a common convience store food in Japan (kinda like hotdogs or whatever at 7/11s here)... and I really like it! Why do I like it? Its cheap, comes in a million flavors, and it tastes good! Its basically seaweed (nori) wrapped around a triangle of rice with a surprize (if you cant read kanji~!) inside! Flavors include tuna (my favfav!), umaboshi (thats pickled plum), fish egg, meat, etc etc. Anyway, I love onigiri, and I'll be ok even if it will be such a simple meal. So onigiri and orange juice at 7/11 (yes its in Japan, its a Japanese company!) will cost me about 220YEN (US$2) so even though I must warn you to be careful trying to survive on such a small amount of food, it will be ok! I'll survive! yay! happy happy happy! wooo! uhmmm..

in other news, my weekend was awesome too. Friday hung out with priscy and polly and watched the orginal matrix (it was priscy's idea~~!) and slept on the floor over there.. Later I felt bad though, because I forgot about that I was suppose to hang out with Saks that day (he didn't get mad though, he's a nice guy!) and then on saturday I went out to lunch with Even and his friend Aaron (note to self: not the pirate guy and not the radio guy, someone else). Then I went to KappaKarnival and made some people at the CSA bubble tea booth make me a very unique flavor. I ordered Strawberry Mocha (it wasnt one of their flavors). It was really good! After that me and priscy & polly went to the Hawai'i Lu'a cultural festival thing. It was so awesome! They had real hula dancing, and this slap dance thing where these angry topless men slapped their nipples. (Nicky would have liked that one, and he shouldn't get mad that I said that! yah! slap dancing is fun! yay! hehehe)... it was all really cool though, and the food was amazingly good! After that I hung out with Yuka and talked about the mind. She's smart! And on sunday I was shocked to meet one of the people from the korean exchange student program, they were visiting bellingham. Her name is Sue, and Bored Girl had brought her over to see my messy room I guess. Oh and went to see Matrix 2with diego and trenchy and brendon etc.. ... , oh oh oh, and my radio show was so fun!! tons of new music, and we pretended robots were stalking us. Wow. Reading my entry, I now say I'm offically on crack. Thank you very much. You've now finished reading my pointless, weird, diary entry. Wooo. DAAG!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Oh by the way... I'm graduating!

Yay! Everyone is welcome, please come, atleast stop by.
More details about the party as they come to me. Woo. DAAG!

Monday, May 12, 2003

And now, ladies and gentelmen... the update!

hair cut pic!
Biggest on my list of personal news tidbits is... I got a hair cut saturday! (Look above for clever before/after self taken pictures) .. Thanks goes to Yuka, who did a really good job.. although she thinks she should have cut more, and so maybe I didn't cut enough for getting a job in Japan, so maybe I'll be getting even more cut off in the future?? It was fun hanging out with Yuka, we went to Sehome hill, ate some mexican food, and watched Catch Me if You Can...was all fun, yuka is funny!~~~~
oh! on Friday when Yuka was hanging out with me she drew this awesome Anpan-man (a bread superhero from japan, he's the one on the right kicking bad guy ass!).. isn't it cool? hehehe ... She also drew a bunny and a a picture of me?? and I helped her drawa freaky guy (she drew the cute cat herself) heres a close up if you just cant get enough. OK! I know I know, too many little drawing doodles...~~!!! Anyway, thats all I feel like posting now. I have to go to my radio show... if your with in hearing distance, turn on your damn radio, today (sunday) from 3pm to 5pm, 89.3FM.. yah! PS: I know I update this blog slowly, but atleast I dont forget about it... like some people!! ... ^^; SAMPAI JUMPA!

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Its past midnight.... I just got back from hangout with polly and uploading my pictures from my digicam. Its still working, yay! Earlyer, I was at Trenchcoat and Syrinx's bbq house-warming party. (I still don't know if they want me to use their internet names or real names in entries?) Anyway, it was really fun. (I always use that adjective: fun, fun, fun~!!) I rode the number 7 bus to their new house.. their new house is really nice. Its so fancy that in comparison it makes my small appartment look like a neglected ghetto box, and their location look like a beverally hills mansion. really. Anyway, I got off the bus and the air was soft. It had just started raining. The rain had pressed hard against the loose blossoms and brushed them down onto the gutter. I could reach down and scoop the light pink petals into my hands. For some reason it felt kinda surreal to me, almost like organic confetti after the earth had showcased it's spring parade. ... I took a picture of Trenchcoat infront of his BBQ machine, but I accidently cut off his head because I took the picture quickly... so, I have 100% allowed him to stay an unknown person! He'll be truly anonymous~~! The food was so good!! Trenchy cooked garden burgers, handburgers, and sausages,... well I guess you can see that in the picture. ^^; But anyway, it was so good.. .my mouth is watering now, thinking about it. About 14 of his (Trenchcoat) and her (Syrinx) friends came... mostly all Americans, and 2 Japanese who had been in America for a long time. There was a lot of silly conversations. Then Trenchy and Ted gave me a ride home. (He asked me, so I wrote Ted's full name, Theadore in Japanese... don't know how to write it in English or Japanese maybe!!?!) After I was dropped off at home, I was walking to polly's house to upload my pictures. The sun was fading from the sky, and the last stretches of light was brushing the leaves above me. It also felt beautiful to me. Today was a vivid day I guess...~

This morning, the phone rang when I was still sleeping... I answered it and I was so shocked!
kinda old picture of mio!
Mio was calling me from Japan! I hadn't talked to her in.... almost a year?? I was so shocked! It was such a random phone call, it was fun talking to her... even if at first I was just laying there half asleep with my brain dead! Later I was getting ready for the BBQ and I also talked to cool Da Yeon from Wilson.. well, she graduated and now she's staying with her Uncle in Chicago. Also, yesteray I talked to my American friend Diana who might go work in Japan soon. It was good talking to all these people I hadn't seen in a long time... even if it makes my damn diary VERY boring (Who really cares about a bunch of random names they don't know? but damn it! its my diary!! yiii~! haha) Tomorrow (sunday, 3 to 5pm, 89.3fm!) is my radio show. I'm excited. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun, even though I don't have a bunch of new music this week. anyway! blah, blah, blah!! SAYA DARI BUMI~!! DAAG~!

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