Friday, July 23, 2010

nakayama's wedding

My Japanese friend Nakayama (who I have known since I was in my mid-teens) got married in Korea. Because she was going to marry a friend that I had introduced her to, they both invited me to come to the wedding.

Weddings are a funny cultural thing, and each country has it's own unique attitudes towards marriage. The Korean wedding was done in two stages, the first was kind of "Western" styles. Most Korean weddings are held in a Wedding Hall specifically designed for weddings. It was mostly in Korean, but occasionally heavily accented Japanese. The next was the "Korean" style wedding, held in the basement of the wedding hall. A lot of unique customs. Like the bride and groom holding a piece of cloth between them and the parents of the groom throwing walnuts onto the cloth bridge to determine how many kids the couple would produce. My friend got six.... goodluck! And the groom giving a serious piggy back ride in front of everyone near the end of the ceremony. Culture is fascinating.
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