Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new shopping

So the above picture is a somewhat drunk me wearing a brand new shirt. I was out drinking tequila shots with an old coworker I hadn't see in years and years. And when I got back to my house, wow! A delivery from Canada! A few weeks ago I ordered some shirts from an "on demand" t-shirt printing place. I'm thinking now that this is the future for creative types of people, like me. I don't ever really feel like going into a store and buying "designer" tshirts, but when I have the option to design my own and then wear my own unique designs, the idea appeals to me. (If you are wondering this design says "wo haipa" in Mandarin Chinese and "oh! hyper!" in small English letters under it, some sort of Multilingual pun, if you will [although haipa doesn't of course mean "hyper"! It means "scared" which adds a layer to the silliness I suppose].) In any case, I think we found my preferred way of shopping now. Nice!
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