Friday, November 05, 2010

sad dream of the future

This morning I had a tainted movie-dream. (It was a dream that was more like a movie for me, no active participation from me. I knew on one level it was a dream, but I just saw it like a movie. This is a common dream type for me.)

In the future, medical advances and social opiating megacorporations have reduced poverty and starvation to only a small percentage of the world. The greatest percentage of the world's population live in a media haze, their basic lives sustained by their networked jobs. Games, information, violence, and lust: piped into their field of view most of their waking lives. Somehow the mass of humanity decides that poverty is a way of life, a valued aspect of human nature. It is argued that eradicating the final slums would destroy the heritage and culture of generations of slumdwellers. The slums are relocated to socially convient places and the media fixates on the pain and suffering of the slum people. 24 hour cameras are installed on the caged in ghettos walls, the last remnents of days gone by. Starvation and manufactured drugs become the rabid entertainment of a painfully dull global society, sunk deep in their media feeds.

It was a pretty vivid dream.

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