Thursday, November 28, 2002

Polly is good~!

^^*; Or something like that! hehehehe... Actually, yeah, she captured me "dancing" and for a limited time only! you can download it right here, from my diary!! (Technical notes: you'll need a player that can do AVI files, like Real Player, and its about 600kb) .. yeah its stupid, and its dumb. Just delete it when your done!

dansen being a dork, dancing his butt off!!

thats all for now, stay tuned tomorrow for Thanksgiving information~!! (going to Nicky's, etc)...

Monday, November 25, 2002

weekend update...

pizza party!
ISC pizza party, sorry small picture
This is a picture of the PIZZA PARTY that I helped Chiaki make for the International Students Club. It was really fun, we all got together and ate pizza, and near the end we all started talking about culture and stuff. Polly, Evyan, Priscilla, Kingyao, Ryo, and of course Chiaki are people I remember being there, but there were lots of other people too. It was fun, really~ I'm not kidddding~! After the pizza party me and Kingyao hung out in his dorm... we sat in the entrance room and I just talked to people I knew when I saw them.. . we didn't do much, but it was cool too.

Nothing! Well, I really tried to do nothing but Evan (first icon above) had asked me to call him, so I gave him a call and ended up hanging out with him for awhile...~ it was fun, he showed me the new music he downloaded and his knifes (scary!) and helped me make a CD on his CDR... and when I came home, Kayo called me (the second icon above, isn't it a cute picture? Kayo dosen't like this picture...? but shes silly, its cool, right??) and we talked about all sorts of stuff... After Kayo got off the phone I had a party with just me! (I like parties with just me!) I was drinking Carona and watching silly TV. By the time I had finished my 5th Carona I think I was starting to get drunk. I went to the kitchen to get my last one, and after I opened the bottle I put it on the counter and turned around to get the lime. ... BUT! I turned too fast and nocked the bottle on to the ground. SMASH!!! It shattered into a million small parts, beer sprayed me and small glass was everywhere. I thought "oh shit!" and got napkins and tried to clean up the glass and beer... I thought I finished and I was sad I had no more beer, but ... I went back to watch TV... and as I was watching TV I realized my toes were wet, so I thought I must have not cleaned all the beer... so I put my fingers down to wipe away the beer and my fingers came back to me red, dripping with blood. I had cut my toes open. I thought "oh shit!" again, but this time more like "oh siihit..." and I went back into the kitchen and saw my bloody footprints, and so I cleaned that up and cleaned my foot and took a shower to clean my whole body. I'm such an idiot. But it was actually kind of funny...~ and I was able to do almost nothing much on Saturday, so I was happy.

I woke up late, but it was ok. I went to my radio showing thinking my boss would be watching me today ...~ but he called and told me he's coming next week to check if I can do the radio show correct. And then I went to Christina's potluck! (I forgot that Emily & Nickie were having a CSA club potluck on the same day, sorry guys!) But Christina's potluck (this is not the Christina from Wilson college, this Christina is the 3rd icon above) was so fun! She provided us all with hamburgers and hotdogs, and people brought snacks. Christina knows a lot of Japanese people, in fact Christina and her room mate, plus me and one other person were the only people who weren't born in Japan. But it was fun hanging out with alot of Japanese people, I hadn't done that in a long time. I felt like maybe I should stop pretending to not speak Japanese, maybe by now everyone has guessed that I can speak some..... but after we all ate really good food, we played a silly board game and everything, everything was so so fun. I took a picture with my normal camera, I'll maybe put it here when I get it developed some day!
Anyway, that was my weekend. It was fun, even though I had wanted to spend more time doing nothing. Maybe next weekend...~

(I updated this post to include the potluck too, so the post says "5:35" but really its "11:17" right now~~~!)

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

blue blog dancing




Everytime in the past that I typed Japanese, blogger wouldn't let me edit the entry. So will this be here forever?

Its a really silly HAIKU thing I wrote...~

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

da yeon tae yeon kayokayo~!

Just wanted to say, cool Da Yeon and Tae Yeon called me yesterday... they were hanging out together and they decided to be brave and speak in English! yay! (Hey guys, did I use the correct pictures and spell names right??? ^^*;) ... it was really fun talking to both of them, it feels like being in Korea was such a long time ago! Memories of Korea are fading in my silly head, but I want to hold on to the brightest ones... I feel like I'm holding a lot of different papers (those are my memories) and there is a strong wind (that is time) and the wind is blowing away my papers... I can grab on to some, the bright big ones, but the smaller simpler papers are blowing away from me..... Anyway, if you guys read this (I don't know, do you?) please know that it was really nice to have that phone call, thanks. After they called, Kayo called to tell me about the moon. It was cool, and she let me talk about stupid boring silly Japanese history... I like talking about that kind of stuff.

Also... I saw this really unique music video on TV the other day. I think maybe its a Tori Amos video, but I'm not sure and it dosen't matter. But its a video where there are these two people, the girl is a head on a foot and the other is a man who is a head on a hand...and thats their bodies! And they are in the "real world" of "normal" people with normal bodies. Well, they meet and like each other... the hand-guy is trying to convince the foot-lady to like him, and he chases her around as she goes through life, eventually he finds her on the beach where she has fallen down and he uses his hand-body to pick her up and brush the sand off her face. Then they kiss, and their bodies mutate, change, twist, into "real" full bodies. Its freaky, but it somehow really stuck in my mind.

Monday, November 18, 2002

Weekend update:

Nothing much. And that actually made me feel better, I didn't really try that hard to do anything this weekend. Actually didn't hang out with Priscilla and etc because I just didn't feel like doing anything this weekend. (Priscilla: I hope your not going to kill me because I didnt hang out!??) Made a couple of plans, which didn't happen, and more than that I didn't plan anything... I did talk to Kayo on the phone, which was cool. And Christina sent me an e-mail, only mentioning it because I actually haven't got so many from Christina (well, I know two Christinas, the email was from the cool Christina over at Wilson college)... On Friday I decided to have a drinking party with... just me! ^^; it was fun, I finished a whole 6-pack of cranberry beer... (and watching TV: the silly people on the weird QVC shopping channel...real freaks, Comedy Centeral, BET, the Spanish Channel, and some weird freaky 1950s movie about a killer blob from space!) Saturday was me still not feeling like doing anything, but in the evening Chiaki invited me over to hang out so I went over for a few hours... we talked, she helped me with my bad Japanese, and stuff like that. Today (Sunday) I quietly had my radio show and now I'm right here editing this blog. It was a refreshing weekend, with lots of time to think. I wondered why rainbows point down instead of up (light refraction?) and.,..when will I graduate?? and thinking will be cool to talk to Vicky again. A call from Vicky always makes me smiles, she's funny-nice. ^^*;

Thursday, November 14, 2002

I am working on my homework (!! really !! kind of, sort of working on it...) and my friend introduced me to a funny test thing.

I can force my friends to take tests and feel silly for not knowing about me! How much do you know Dansen?

take the test!

Remember, use a name that I will know so we can see how well you know me! This will be fun?!!!?!? Enjoy. SAMPAI JUMPA!

(if you don't get a good score, its ok, just ask me about the things you didn't know so you can learn more about me.)

I feel like a manicdepressive, one of those people with emotional mood swings... because damn I was so happy yesterday, but today I got lots of "bad" news... and I'm not really sad ... I'm just annoyed. Got a test back, and I made a lot of silly stupid errors. I hope I don't really fail the whole quarter at school... damn. I got a major headache too. And I'm really full of thoughts, none of them about school. I need to focus.

So I should go to my next class, huh? Hungry.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


I'm happy!

On Friday I saw tons of movies (a Japanese movie, part of an American movie, and a few Chinese movies) with Polly, Priscilla, and Yvone. (I still don't have pictures of any of them to use as icons.) It was really fun, we stayed up really late at Priscilla's house and then we all fell asleep there at around 4 or 5 in the morning. After that I walked (or took a bus? I can't remember? I was so tired!) in the fairly early morning (9? 10?). It was really fun, if any of you guys read this, thanks... it was so much fun!

And on Saturday KAYO came up to Bellingham!!

click the picture for bigger version

It was so much fun, Kayo is wonderful. Polly was accidently on the same Grayhound Bus as Kayo, so we all took the same local bus home and talked...! That was fun getting to introduce Polly to Kayo. On Saturday night we walked down to a Mexicon food restraunt, and ate there. (On the way down we ran into Evan, who was going to a friends house.) At the restraunt Kayo got the names of guacamole and an herb mixed up, and we told the waitress that our food didn't have guacamole when it did, and we were complaining and the waitress brought us the guacamole and we figured out the word difference... it was emberessing for Kayo (not really me) but really funny-fun! ^^; and after that we walked back to my house and talked until real late. On Sunday, we walked through campus to my radio show. It was fun, and Kayo had brought some of her cool CDs with her... so I was able to play some cool bands on the radio that had never been on it... for example UNICORN and BIRD... also she had some DENKI GROOVE that I didnt have, so that was all awesome. After that we walked to Haggen and shoped for sauce and stuff, and we went home and made really good noodle-food. It was so good! (We also ate ice cream, thats what the picture above is...!) The food was really good I thought, and I still have some left because we made so much. Me and Kayo stayed up together most of the night and then she left early Monday morning in a taxi. (No! She didn't take a TAXI back to California~~!! She took the taxi to the grayhound bus station, which would take her to the airport, because it was early in the morning.) It was a good memory bubble, I wrote a poem about it. ^^; But anyway, I have class now. Thats all I'm saying in this diary! Have to run... SAMPAI JUMPA!!!

Wednesday, November 06, 2002



well, this shouldn't be an entry. But I'm just so surprized! Taro sent me an e-mail~!

ok I know its just an e-mail, not so amazing? Well, Taro dosen't send e-mail so often.... In fact, this is only the 2nd email I have got from him in MY WHOLE LIFE. Wow!

...and you know? I'm also sitting here thinking how cool it will be to hang out with Kayo. Soon!

just wanted to say real quick...

found my keys!! ...I'm such a drunk... I got drunk one night and dropped them behind the TV. @_@ oops!


Monday, November 04, 2002

Weekend update:

miko, melissa nicky kayokayo christina hye jin (wilson)

Still haven't found my keys. It sucks. I want my house keys!! If you found them, please tell me. T.T

I had a fun weekend. Miko (My American friend Melissa's other name. She's the first icon on the left) had a Halloween house party, it was fun Melissa! There was a lot of crazy Americans and Japanese students there... Melissa was playing techno and some people were drinking. I brought some Corona with me, and shared a couple with friends... below is a picture of me (whats my costume?! Crazy Corean Soccer Fan!) and two of my crazy PABO Japanese friends: Satoshi & Sou. They were being crazy... (behind them Evan is peeping into the picture!)

image is a link
click on this image for a big version

On Saturday, I went over to Polly's house with Priscilla and later YK joined us and we all had dinner. Polly had made the food, it was really good. (I still don't have pictures of these people in the computer, so no icon for them!!) After that we walked over to Nicky's movie: Year Of The Horse! (Priscilla's friend Chris joined us there, he seems like a nice guy.) I really liked the movie. Its about 30 minutes long, and its so freaky-weird-cool. (Nicky is the second icon from the left)...After the movie Priscilla and Chris walked home to their dorms, but me and Polly checked out YK's dorm (real name: Yao King, right? Wrong?) He lives in the dorms right across from my appartment... we hung out there talking for awhile and then went home. When I went home I ran into Steve and Emily, and Emily's room mate who were going Star Watching.... so I went with them. It was fun, but really cold!! And we saw some weird spinning rainbow star-UFO thing?? Freaky! Sometime in here, I think it was before I went Star Watching, I called back Kayo (3rd icon) who had left a silly message on my answering machine. She had been to Orange Country, where I had lived for a short time when I was a kid. It was cool talking to her, but we just said hello and goodbye, no real conversation. And right now, I just finished my radio show. It was a quiet show... but I had fun. I like doing my show! I checked my answering machine from campus right now (it lets me check from any phone) and it said my American friend Christina (not the one I know here, but the cool one going to Wilson school who I met in Corea!) and also Hye Jin called me together (hye jin didn't say which hye jin she was, but because she was calling with Christina I think we know who it was!) so I put their two icons last... because that was so nice of them to call me!! Even if I was at my radio show, and I wasn't home. ... I need to go study for my midterm that is tomorrow! YIKES!! ... SAMPAI JUMPA!

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