Friday, February 03, 1995

shed was tore down

Note from 2012: In order to encase a fuller view of my personal history I have decided to transcribe a diary from 1990. The view points have not been changed, and the spelling (which was horrible) has not been changed. Eventually I might also include a scan of each page along with the rough transcript.



long time no write! I lost this DIARY. oh well, Samule, one of my frends, was born in 1980.
Shed was tore down. Latter we found wrighting in the foundation, they read;

APR 18 1935 |---- space ----|
[further down]
By Frank Ingerson (or sen)

Wird HuH? You may see this in a story latter.
Still know willie Deras. The home learners are going to do Play! Did you know I do a NEwsletter for them called the Home Learner ECN* *East County News

(M-D-Y) 2-3-95

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