Wednesday, March 25, 2009

digital memories

So if you havent heard, I'm gonna ride a bottle across a huge sea of clouds and end up in my country of origin for about a week before i end up back in that bottle heading back here. That inhuman voyage will be my first in over 6 years, so I am a bit excited to see that land of memories.

I want to digitally store my memories so I got a cheap 12 megapixel camera. Its amazing how fast these little boxes improve. Yesterday, I decided to take a walk in m neighborhood to try it out. I ended up walking deep into the heart of my city's old downtown. It was a sunny but not hot day. I bought a pack of freshly roasted (and heavily salted) potato wedges for a buck. I munched on them while getting lost in the small streets in my neighborhood. I realized it had been years since I roamed my neighborhood, I need to do that more often. I captured 20 images of my urban hike, a kind of quick splash in a sudden torrent. (On a quick computer geek note, click the images to go to the next one.) A moment in spring.
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