Monday, November 28, 2005

A geeky kind of post

I have been working on a textbook of sorts (details are not public yet) when I have had free time. The problem has been quite simply that I don't have a computer, so I can only type it at internet cafes. Luckly, Computer Rooms are everywhere in Korea. Unluckly, most of the ones I found didn't have Microsoft Word. I need good format tools, so I couldn't use the default windows notepad, and so my progress on my textbook had been really slow (less than 32 pages of simple sparse text) so I decided to try the software openoffice I heard about. I was hoping it would let me paste my Word document, hoping it wouldnt take long to learn, and hoping it would have atleast some good format options. OK, here comes the "geeky post" payload. OHMYGOD!!! I was shocked. It opened my Word document, no problem (slight spacing error on a few pages, nothing I noticed) there was NO learning curve it was all designed naturally, and heres what shocked me the most... it had smarter format options than word. It automatically adjusted to what I needed. Ohmygod! So sweet! and 100% free software I can download anywhere, in one sit down I was up to 50 plus pages, my productivity zoomed up. Mygod... Microsoft must be scared? I heard they will support this software's file format as default in their new version. Too late? OK. This is the end of my geeky post. Thank you, and good night!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

3rd vlog - leaves

3rd vidlog link
I'm in another park. This time with leaves. I mumble about having nothing to say, and then I get distracted looking at the pretty leaves.

Friday, November 18, 2005

odd dream

As Mr. Loi likes to remind me from time to time, I like to walk into the "Department of Too Much Information" sometimes, and maybe I'm walking there today? In any case, although it is not really to do with this dream, I thought I should mention I rarely have erotic dreams, never have horror dreams, and rarely have dreams about people I know. That might but weird (or it might be normal for you too?) but that is my dreaming pattern. Anyway, on to my dream. I was working in a secret factory. I lived in a society that was trying to capture all of it's resistance fighters, and so me and the other fighters were trying to transport the resistance fighters. Someone (before the start of the dream reality) had come up with the genius idea of transforming the Resistance Fighters into doll parts. So where my dream reality starts, I am in the assembly factory, pulling parts of dolls (down from small windows, where they are delivered) into the small factory room where three other works are working. We get the parts, but we have to piece the dolls together like a puzzle. When we do it correctly the dolls transform into people. Presto! Instant resistance fighter! (Who thenway walks down a hall, which I guess leads into the main room.) I encourage one of the workers to keep trying to fit the pieces together, and suddenly the last piece of the doll I'm working on snaps into place and transforms into a real person who kisses me on the cheek and walks quickly down the hallway.
Now thats an odd dream huh? Welcome to a brief moment in my sleeping reality.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

fall sweeps past

Fall colors in Guri - click for big version
Fall has returned to me again, the colors are here, on the trees. This time around I really enjoy watching as the wind blows and scatters the leaves.

A lot of churches recently. Last week I went to Mr.Frog's church. Turns out he was leading half the time in a few songs, while he played a guitar. Was fun to see him hop around and sing even if I didn't understand. I also got to meet some other nice foreigners like me (these guys were from Nigeria). Although our communication was slowed by my limited ability to understand Nigerian English (which is the offical language of Nigeria, by the way) so I need to hang out with more Nigerians.

And yesterday, my friend Seung One invited me to check out a service at a "megachurch" she goes to in Kangnam. I was waiting for Takeya, who never came (he sucks!), so I decided to check it out with her. They were pertaking of the "sacrament" of braking bread and drinking juice. This is called "drinking the blood of God" and I suddenly wondered if that would make most vampires Christians? ... was an odd random thought.

One last thought? Does anyone know Japanese Pocky? The little dry bread sticks dipped in choclate? Those are called Pepero here in South Korea, and I didn't know, but apparent 11/11 (November 11th) is "pepero day" which is a Korean version of valintines day... not that they don't already have valintines day in Korea too, and the pan-Asian white day, so that makes about three holidays for a single person to cry on!
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