Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Its weird, and out of the blue, but its time to update your bookmarks or whatever. I've decided to pack up my bags, and leave this blog for now. I wont delete it, because I will maybe return at a later date.... and I have over a YEAR in history (that you can read by clicking the archive link) but I'm moving in real life, and so I thought why not move my blog to something more shiny. I wanted to mix the idea of "homepage" with "diary" and the result is www.neonvirus.com .... for a half explenation of that title's meaning at the moment, please read the first entry. Keep in mind, I might return to this blog here from time to time and post stuff, its not fully ignored, but mostly it will be an archive from now on I guess. Keep in mind, my Japanese diary and my learning japanese diary and my cellphone's picture upload page will still remain on the web. They aren't being replaced by neonvirus. Anyway, thats that. Please go THERE from now on, if you want to read my English diary! Enjoy...


ok now for a few words to help search engines help people find my page: neonvirus is a homepage made by Dansen also known as Dansen Waters or when he was a kid he was sometimes called Danny Waters. He lives in Tokyo, Japan and he used the old name maisui sometimes when he had another site, and now he wants you to remember the words NOVA, and learning, homeschool, and WWU, and WCC, and Western Washington University, and finally Japan Radio that was in Bellingham.

OK. I know that was stupid, but maybe someone will be able to find me because of those weird words! oh yeah. So now go enjoy the transmission already in progress...!


Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A new month, Asia University Festival, and etc..

Well, I just did that annoying thing that everyone does every now and again... typed a big chunk of text and then accidently lost my post to a traveling group of monstrous robots. Damn, I guess I have to type it again. Anyway, I was saying, its November... the weather is changing, I can feel Winter slowly crawling this way. Pitter-patter, flutter, wudder... as some could say!? Anyway, the day before yesterday (monday) I went to a festival at Asia University (if you don't know... I went to Western Washington University, and while I was there I met many different cycles of Asia University students [called AUAP students] some of them I hung out with, a few became friends) It was weird to see the campus, I felt like I was suddenly in a role-reversal. On my campus, there had been tons of American students and some Japanese students... on the AU campus there was tons of Japanese students and even less American students (I counted maybe 3 others besides me) ...it was fun to see things that way. It was a fairly nice day, not too cold. I met USK at his food booth (they were selling a kind of pancake with sweet bean paste inside... USK had named his club Park Life, which was interesting I think) there was tons of other booths selling things, kind of like a Japanese Matsuri festival. I went around, tried some of the food, and stuff. I sat down and one of the guys who was at the radio show last week saw me and was talking to me in Japanese... suddenly Mutsuko came up and said "Hey! Why you speaking French?!" in Japanese... (you can see her with fake grandparents on my keitai page) If this seems confusing, its because I would always call Japanese as French when they were in America, and pretend I couldnt speak it (I know, I'm silly) and although she maybe knew I could really speak it a little, she was surprized I guess. So I walked with them (mumumuchan and friend) to a kimono place, she tried on a cool kimono (while waiting for mumumuchan me and her friend met another AUAP student I had known, megumi or something? selling this food that was a mix of korean and mexican food.. interesting!) when mumumuchan was done getting on her kimono we all walked back towards the direction of USK... thats when we ran across this little kid that was lost (said his last name was SATO or something?) and we tried to help him find his mom. We still hadnt found his mommie by the time we got to USK's food booth. The kid came up to it and said "Mmmm whats that?" in Japanese and then we told him and he said (way too obviously!!) "Wow, I really like sweet-bean paste!" It was clear he wanted it, so... I was a sucker. I gave USK the 190YEN for one, and asked USK to give him one. The kid came over and said "wooh, are you sure its ok?" and I said something like "sure sure, eat it." and he said "Wow, thank you!" and I say your welcome... and then he went off with mumumuchan to find his mom. I thought he was a silly kid, and thats why he comes into my mind now. After that me and USK went and checked out Satoshi's duel techno DJ performance thing... heavy eruo-beats with trippy psychedelic screens pulsing weird tripped out pictures.... cool! and then we went outside to this stage performance that was starting, just as the rain started to crash down. The dancers had a lot of guts though, they had practiced really hard, and weren't going to let a little thing like rain stop them... they sloshed and slid through their amazing brake-dancing inspired dance routines (althoughbeing soaked by rain was a negetive thing for those wearing thin white clothes or who tried to spin on their heads...) but their determination impressed me... although a few people almost broke their necks while sliding on the slick stage. After that, me and USK went to a room to listen to his friend play punk DJ. What? Well, a DJ like for hip hop.. but instead it was punk music... do we have that outside of Japan too? I'm not sure... the last thing we checked out was a final party thing that was inside this huge auditorium... it was really cool, because someone had given most of the crowd green glow sticks... so when everyone was excited they would wave the glow sticks in these waves, it looked so cool (I tried to capture it with my cellphone, but you couldnt really see it, so I didnt put it on my keitai page,... if you want to see what I did capture, to try to get some idea, click here...! The picture only shows the first wave, there was people all threw that bottom part of the picture that is just black in the picture...and the white hole in the center is the stage with the performance announcer.) Anyway, the "final party" thing was fun... some audience games and stuff... one of the performances was this young female comedian, and I actually understood some of her jokes, so I thought that was cool.... (one of her things was this song she made up where she sang something like "Ok, yeah, whatever" as a reply to anything... it was funny! and hard to explain.) The next comedians were kind of complicated, so I emberessingly fell asleep for some of it (hey! it was dark, it was a little tired, what can I say!) but I did get some of it. At the end, the behind-the-stage helper-people came on stage, so I could see my other friend Satomi on stage! Salt-omi didnt get to say anything, and she looked nervous, but it was fun to see another friend.... .. but, the weirdest performance that day must have been the opening act though... a bunch of guys ran on to the stage in their underwear (not sexy underwear, just normal fruit-of-the-loom underwear) and began dancing to Japanese 80s music while waving pom-poms, and then suddenly a dude dressed in a cheesy dinosaur outfit also ran on stage and joined them. They did this for a bit, with matching flashes of light, and etc,... really weird, and then when they were all done (fairly quickly) the stage curtains dropped and they just stood there.... and then the announcers came on stage and were like "uhhh, yeah, do you guys have something to say or something?" and they were like "AHHHH!!! NO!!!" and ran away throuh the crowd. The announcers were puzzeled, so was I, and I guess a lot of the audience (although people were laughing also, because it was just so damn weird!) ...anyway, that was that. Tomorrow another week of work starts, one week closer until I have my paycheck and move into my new place. Wooo. Life will be changing again, I guess! wooo! anyway, please feel free to comment but only if you really have a thought or question I guess... or whatever, but yeah. BIGGLES!


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