Thursday, August 30, 2007

night of living silence

It's 1:40 at night. I'm waiting for my clothes to dry at the coin laundry. I sit on the hard sidewalk, back pushed against a vacant building, reading a really good book about Australian place names. My shoes are off, my barefeet pushed against the asphalt. A thin misty rain starts, cutting through the still humid night. I ignore it and keep reading, part of me aware of the feeling against my skin and the occasional taxi drifting past in the darkness beyond my peripheral vision. It's moments like these that my mind kind of twirls, reflecting on a kind of 3D depth to my life's current state connected to what it is and what it will be. These deep thoughts distract me briefly from the book, and I see the mist has left a thin glistening sheen on the pages. I check my chipped orange cellphone, another 10 minutes. I keep reading.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

time enough for time itself

more pictures!! 25 new ones A few more moments that were unblogged about hanging out with my college friends Evan and later Priscilla.

Going to the post office on bikes in the rain with Evan, the rain getting harder, not cold in the summer heat, but drenching me like a shower. My glasses get misty, rain drenching my hair, running down my face, the rain gets thicker, introducing the typhoon that was on the way. Evan rides infront of me, calling out directions so that I wont get lost.

In a shopping center with Priscilla. She's buying some Hello Kitty stationary. We are standing behind a guy who buys over US$150 on small sparkly girly stickers, the store worker has to almost grunt when she puts the huge stack of sticker sheets in a big bag. I cant help but be impressed and wonder if he will use them on letters or what. How often does he spend such a chunk of money on such things?

Stuffing things in a laundry bag to go to the laundry with Priscilla. She rejects my red shirt, thinks the colors will bleed on to her whites. Walking to the coin laundry mat in the melting hot heat. Priscilla using her sun umbrella with one hand, clutching the big laundry bag with the other. On the way back we stop at a bento (lunchbox) store. I dont have a table, I never have, so we sit on my floor talking, eating Japanese food and drinking lemon tea.

I have many more memories, but I dont have the time for them now. For those interesred there are some pictures of these times and more. 25 new pictures to browse as of now, in any case.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hello kitty reloaded

A friend from Hong Kong, Priscilla, came to visit for a week. It was good to see another hong kong friend (so far HK is winning in most visits! buy your tickets now and represent your country at the Neonvirus Hotel-House[stinky one room studio appartment]!) but I still havent uploaded pictures (for that matter, still missing most of the ones from my Yamaguchi trip too, I need to upload)...
Basically when I had free time off of work, me and Priscilla did a lotta shopping. She loves shopping, so it was kind of a shopping vacation for her. Oh. And Hello Kitty Land (Sanrio Puroland) was also on the agenda. Week of Stereotypical Girly Events. I had fun talking and being noisy, after all... we all know its fun to gossip and be silly. Photos up when I stop being lazy.
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