Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Taste of Japan

Tonight after my full day of classes I went to "Taste of Japan" on campus. Once a year the AUAP department offers free Japanese food to anyone. Free. Free! Yay! It was really good stuff, and this year it seemed like there was so many more people there. I got in like first for the soup and stuff, but the line for the Onigiri was so long that I never got any... ...I like Onigiri~!! oh yeah before I forget .. I also tricked the nice people who were writing foreign people's names in Kanji. I walked up and said "Hello can you write my last name in Kanji? My last name is Seklongklic." ha ha ha! I'm so evil. (thats SO HARD to write in japanese.) 2 of the artists said they couldn't, but one person tried. look at their effort here.... My life is spinning. Hey! I gave my request for graduation today. That was the FINAL step, now I just have to wait and see if I'll be able to graduate. Hmmm. I hope so!! ..hmm... Oh! Pirate party pictures! yuka and me durring the 'jig' contest (its such a silly picture!) and also yuka trying to kill me with a sword while ted and another watch (wow! that was a long title!) Anyway, it was a fun party... I wish I had more photos of the other people and stuff... I'm so sleepy right now. my neighbor keeps caughing all night, and so it takes me forever to get to sleep! So I haven't had any good sleep recently... sorry for complaining... oh yeah! if you can read japanese, go to my japanese diary because I'm going to put a cool posting about when I was hitch hiking in Japan... anyway. my brain is gunna exploade? yiiiii~~ peace. TEMAN SAYA, SAMPAI JUMPA!

Monday, April 28, 2003

Pirate Party

Image is a 2012 addition, wasnt in original blog.

That was funny, this last saturday I went to a Pirate Party that Aaron was having. (thats the Arron that likes macs, not the one who runs things at KUGS, and not the one who wears ties... wow, this is like notes to myself?!?!) Anyway, the Pirate Party was really silly. Shunsuke didn't want to go with us (said something about studying?!) so me and Yuka took a shuttle bus down to the party.. the shuttle driver got all kinda weird, he started driving us around trying to find the party.. he totally left his normal route (we were the only ones on his bus) and just started driving up and down Forest street. It was silly, but nice of him. We get to the party and theres all these Americans sitting around in Pirate clothes, with carboard & plastic swords, beads and stuff. And added to that most are speaking in Pirate accents. It was so silly that I really liked it. I like silly things, it makes me happy. Anyway, people started getting drunk and yelling "Arrrr!" and stuff... and some people were fighting with the swords in the yard out front. Later, Trenchcoat (I'm using his internet name~) and Ted came to the party and Trenchy sword fought with a few people. I taught a few words to Trenchcoat in Japanese (hajimemashite & samui desu nee) and then he disapeared. Anyway, the party was really funny (some guy got drunk and was kissing hands, and Meg was yelling at people.) but yeah thats the end of my "mainly written for my own memories, confusing for outsiders" diary entry.

My radio show was fun too, played good music and Even and Melissa came in and played around for a little bit. After Melissa came in Shunske came in to say hello, so I had a lot of guests to keep me from being bored. Afterwards I watched Simpsons, etc, at Even's house (he also gave me dinner~ yay!) .. Right now I'm using a public computer in a dorm,.. and theres like 12 Japanese students talking really loud in Japanese to my right.. they are talking about silly things, bouncing a ball, painting their faces, and totally distracting me. Wahhhh! Anyway. SAMPAI JUMPA~ ^^ ...

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

I'm not 100% sick right now! But this weekend, I felt so sick! On saturday I sounded like a frickin' frog!! Although on Friday I had fun. Me, Shunske and Yuka went up to Richmond, Canada. (Near Vancouver) The Canadians are crazy about hockey I suppose, atleast some Candians that is, and the Vancouver hockey team (Chanucks? KA Ducks?) had just won, so everyone was honking their car horns and people were shouting and stuff.. it was like a riot!! silly silly... and I guess because of the SARS scare no one was in the nice sushi resturant on a friday night, so we got to sit down as soon as we walked in the door. The resturant was cool because everyone spoke Japanese, it was almost like being in Japan.... which i'll be SOON??? (Currently I've upgraded my "graduate possibility" number up to 100%!!! this isn't really true? But I'm thinking positive.. and it now looks like 98.9% so why not say 100!?!?!) Anyway, I have homework to do so thats all I'm saying for now. Oh yeah.. want to be freaked out? go here and follow the rules and it will read your mind!?! SAMPAI JUMPA! ...

Thursday, April 17, 2003

I'm still alive!

I've been having fun life, and I really should update my diary. Its been almost 2 weeks? I've been busy... after I type this entry I need to go ask my teacher for the final signature needed to ... graduate! I'm scared... I hope she gives it to me.

A while ago Shunsuke had a potluck. Yeun took some pictures (and they are from her point of view so you cant see all the guys sitting on the other side of the room!) ... first, a kinda normal picture... we are all listening/watching someone's weird skill.. (we were having a weird skill/story contest!) .. Then for some reason we all began to try to move our arms in weird ways!! (Yeun even got this picture of me looking over, while my hands really got weird! Anyway, it was fun... (most of the korean, americans [only me and christina are in the picture as americans] and all the thai people cant be seen in these pictures, apparently Yeun only wanted to take pictures of one side of the party?! ) Anyway, it was really fun.... After the party, me, Shunske, my american friend Melissa and Shunske's japanese friend Yuka all watched that movie "Jackass" ... it was so gross!! but somehow I was entertained, and it made me wonder about entertainment. .. . its such a weird thing to be amused by people falling off their skateboards, and snorting wasabi into their noses ... although the part where they all dressed up like pandas and attack eachother in the streets of Tokyo, that was actually quite funny I thought.

Also, we (csa) had a surpize party for Bryant's birthday a few days ago. I took some silly pictures, but for some reason they didnt save? I think he was really surprized, so it was fun.

Yesterday, I accidently tricked Priscilla into thinking I was Polly (online) and I felt so bad that she was talking about me when she thought I was polly...~ so eventually I told her who I was. I should really stop doing things like that!! Silly me. .... in other news, life is good.... except for the massive headache I borrowed from Evan and his flu might not be so far away either. Scary... oh before I go.. heres some more protest pictures from outside sources (I didnt take these, I took the ones in the entry below)... beginning to gather in red square, marching away form campus, die in, we all layed down for 5 mins., and finally after the protest some people sat down and listened to speakers. .... anyway, ... TEMAN SAYA, SAMPAI JUMPA!

Sunday, April 06, 2003

The theme (brought to us by a strange construction sign is) "don't worry, be happy!"

Pro-Peace Protests

My friday was highlighted by pro-peace protests. First, let me say that I support both sides of the argument. Arguing, I hate to say it that way, is very American. So both Pro-War and Pro-Peace have their places. However, I don't think people should be killed and this war is killing people which sucks in my opinion. So anyway, this Friday was a "walk out" on campus. People gathered in red square at noon instead of going to their classes. (Heres just an example picture of red square, not on the same day, to give you an idea of location.) I ran into Suzuki Sensei in all the people, and we talked a little bit and listened to the speakers. The first announcement was that someone had called the police and threatoned to kill two protesters (one male, one female) if they left campus. That was kinda freaky. So the speaker told us not to be scared, and that police would walk around the edges of all the people watching for anything that could give them clues about someone who would be planning to shoot others. When the speakers were over, they called on all of us (and there was a lot of us!) to march downtown. I had to go to the bank downtown anyway (^^;) so I decided to go along, because peace is an important message. Right before I turned around to follow the marchers I ran into Eina. She didn't want to march, but she walked a little bit and then went to lunch. As I marched with all the people I mingled in and listened to the conversations, and different chants. (Some of the better chants: "Drop bush, not bombs." and "1,2,3, oh ya, bush is bad, 4,5,6, he's ugly oh ya oh ya" and "what do we want---peace, when do we want it---now") Sometimes I would just let the river of people flow past me... (I like that picture in the last link a lot, you can see the people move past me, the sign words and the faces and almost the thoughts of the different people.) A lot of the people in the croud were people you might be able to label as "hippies" or "extreamists" but I was happy to see a lot of the people appeared to be your "normal" student. Everyone of course is equal, so who the croud was dosen't matter... but on campus a lot of people have been callnig "pro-peace" people "Stupid Hippies" ... (this is a bigger picture from inside the people, I like how you can see "LOV" on the right and an American flag on the left.) So, basically everyone marched towards downtown with people watching us from the side roads and appartment buildings. Some people glared with mean expressions on their faces, but most people smiled or waved. In the front of the mass of people about 10 drummers were hammering on their drums, making it seem ironically like soldiers marching to war. When we all got downtown, they sounded an air raid siren and we all layed down in the middle of the road and were silent for the dead in Iraq (well, mostly quiet except the 5 pro-war people on the corner sometimes shouting "liberate iraq!").. I laid their in the sunny almost summer air, the road pressed against my back. It was a really surreal experience. Laying in the middle of a once busy road with hundreds (thousands?) of other people. One of the really cool things about going downtown, was that they welcomed speakers to come up and talk. Some of the speakers honestly sucked, dry, repeated, uninspired words. But some of the speakers were really insperational. One of the speakers that stood out for me was my friend Tyrone who had a really deep things to say about how we must make sure that that making Iraq democratic didn't mean controlling iraq, and etc. He got some of the loudest chears. Also, the organizers allowed a pro-war sargent to speak his opinions and everyone was respectful of that... I thought that was really cool. America is all about diversity of opinions.

Emily's 21st

Emily had her birthday party also this weekend. My camera was full so I couldn't take any pictures, but it was really fun. Shinji (from my CS class last quarter) gave me a ride in his car, and we got there kinda early. But eventually a lot of people showed up (many from CSA) and after awhile (around 1 in the morning) a lot of us decided to go out to a resturant. After that we watched a movie (The Others.. creepy, I screamed) on campus. It was fun, happy birthdays to Emily.

other things...

tonight (saturday?), me, Bryant and Polly watched the French movie Amelie...silly movie!! ^^; (those two pictures of them are from the time that they and priscilla and King Yao (dont have a clear picture of just him, but he's far right in the next picture) played uno and other card games with me last week!) I'm looking forward to my radio show tomorrow (sundays, 3 to 5pm, 89.3FM!) I think I'll play silly songs. peace..~ TEMAN SAYA, SAMPAI JUMPA! (this entry says it was posted at 7 something, but thats just when I first started on it... its really 11 now.)

Thursday, April 03, 2003

Life keeps rolling

This isn't really a super exciting diary entry. In fact, its kind of boring maybe. But I don't care. The point of having a diary is to keep track of whats happening, right? ^^; And I don't really want this to be a list of who I've hung out with... but sometimes its fun to mention some of the people that have hung out with me!
(L to R)Young-min, Yeun Kyong and Sua were having a pizza party with me the other day. (The animation is kind of low quality, but its really funny I think!) It was fun, and we watched a Korean movie and some of us (including me) were drinking (mike's hard lemon aid, khalula & milk, and tequila & orange juice) so I got kinda silly... but who cares! After Sua and Yeun Kyong went home (Young-min is still staying with me, he hasn't left America yet..) Shunsuke surprized me by stopping by while I was sitting on my messy floor. We talked for awhile, thinking about having a Jackass party or something, and then he went home. For some reason I don't remember when but I hung out with Polly, Priscilla, Braint, and King Yao. I haven't uploaded their pictures, but that was a good Cantonese learning experience. We ate dinner and played Uno.. in Cantonese, (HONGSEI~!) which helped me try to memorize more color names. My thoughts are coming in fragments. I guess we also were drinking then too.

I've been thinking about how I hope to graduate soon. And then I'll go off to Japan and maybe live in a small 1DK or something. Time for a quick Japanese culture lesson. Appartments are small. (kinda like the one I'm leaving in now) And I've noticed the ones sold to non-Japanese in English are sold for way more per month ($2000+) compared to almost the same ones sold in Japanese for Japanese ($700+) .. am I wrong about that? Also.. what is this 1DK, 2LDK thing? the first number is the amount of rooms, and then the letters are the names of the other kinds of rooms. L is living, DK is dinning/kitchen. It works like that. Alot of appartments expect you to entertain guests in your "bedroom" because you'll have a pull out futon bed. Roll it away when your not using it and welcome people to your room, roll it out when its bed time. Thats almost my setup now, but for some Americans this might be culture shock? I'm not sure. Right now I'm waiting for Shunske, he said he was coming to meet me and talk.. but I guess he's not coming. Hmmm. SAMPAI JUMPA! ^^

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