Tuesday, November 11, 2003


Its weird, and out of the blue, but its time to update your bookmarks or whatever. I've decided to pack up my bags, and leave this blog for now. I wont delete it, because I will maybe return at a later date.... and I have over a YEAR in history (that you can read by clicking the archive link) but I'm moving in real life, and so I thought why not move my blog to something more shiny. I wanted to mix the idea of "homepage" with "diary" and the result is www.neonvirus.com .... for a half explenation of that title's meaning at the moment, please read the first entry. Keep in mind, I might return to this blog here from time to time and post stuff, its not fully ignored, but mostly it will be an archive from now on I guess. Keep in mind, my Japanese diary and my learning japanese diary and my cellphone's picture upload page will still remain on the web. They aren't being replaced by neonvirus. Anyway, thats that. Please go THERE from now on, if you want to read my English diary! Enjoy...


ok now for a few words to help search engines help people find my page: neonvirus is a homepage made by Dansen also known as Dansen Waters or when he was a kid he was sometimes called Danny Waters. He lives in Tokyo, Japan and he used the old name maisui sometimes when he had another site, and now he wants you to remember the words NOVA, and learning, homeschool, and WWU, and WCC, and Western Washington University, and finally Japan Radio that was in Bellingham.

OK. I know that was stupid, but maybe someone will be able to find me because of those weird words! oh yeah. So now go enjoy the transmission already in progress...!



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