Tuesday, August 14, 2007

hello kitty reloaded

A friend from Hong Kong, Priscilla, came to visit for a week. It was good to see another hong kong friend (so far HK is winning in most visits! buy your tickets now and represent your country at the Neonvirus Hotel-House[stinky one room studio appartment]!) but I still havent uploaded pictures (for that matter, still missing most of the ones from my Yamaguchi trip too, I need to upload)...
Basically when I had free time off of work, me and Priscilla did a lotta shopping. She loves shopping, so it was kind of a shopping vacation for her. Oh. And Hello Kitty Land (Sanrio Puroland) was also on the agenda. Week of Stereotypical Girly Events. I had fun talking and being noisy, after all... we all know its fun to gossip and be silly. Photos up when I stop being lazy.
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