Monday, November 04, 2002

Weekend update:

miko, melissa nicky kayokayo christina hye jin (wilson)

Still haven't found my keys. It sucks. I want my house keys!! If you found them, please tell me. T.T

I had a fun weekend. Miko (My American friend Melissa's other name. She's the first icon on the left) had a Halloween house party, it was fun Melissa! There was a lot of crazy Americans and Japanese students there... Melissa was playing techno and some people were drinking. I brought some Corona with me, and shared a couple with friends... below is a picture of me (whats my costume?! Crazy Corean Soccer Fan!) and two of my crazy PABO Japanese friends: Satoshi & Sou. They were being crazy... (behind them Evan is peeping into the picture!)

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On Saturday, I went over to Polly's house with Priscilla and later YK joined us and we all had dinner. Polly had made the food, it was really good. (I still don't have pictures of these people in the computer, so no icon for them!!) After that we walked over to Nicky's movie: Year Of The Horse! (Priscilla's friend Chris joined us there, he seems like a nice guy.) I really liked the movie. Its about 30 minutes long, and its so freaky-weird-cool. (Nicky is the second icon from the left)...After the movie Priscilla and Chris walked home to their dorms, but me and Polly checked out YK's dorm (real name: Yao King, right? Wrong?) He lives in the dorms right across from my appartment... we hung out there talking for awhile and then went home. When I went home I ran into Steve and Emily, and Emily's room mate who were going Star Watching.... so I went with them. It was fun, but really cold!! And we saw some weird spinning rainbow star-UFO thing?? Freaky! Sometime in here, I think it was before I went Star Watching, I called back Kayo (3rd icon) who had left a silly message on my answering machine. She had been to Orange Country, where I had lived for a short time when I was a kid. It was cool talking to her, but we just said hello and goodbye, no real conversation. And right now, I just finished my radio show. It was a quiet show... but I had fun. I like doing my show! I checked my answering machine from campus right now (it lets me check from any phone) and it said my American friend Christina (not the one I know here, but the cool one going to Wilson school who I met in Corea!) and also Hye Jin called me together (hye jin didn't say which hye jin she was, but because she was calling with Christina I think we know who it was!) so I put their two icons last... because that was so nice of them to call me!! Even if I was at my radio show, and I wasn't home. ... I need to go study for my midterm that is tomorrow! YIKES!! ... SAMPAI JUMPA!


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