Monday, November 18, 2002

Weekend update:

Nothing much. And that actually made me feel better, I didn't really try that hard to do anything this weekend. Actually didn't hang out with Priscilla and etc because I just didn't feel like doing anything this weekend. (Priscilla: I hope your not going to kill me because I didnt hang out!??) Made a couple of plans, which didn't happen, and more than that I didn't plan anything... I did talk to Kayo on the phone, which was cool. And Christina sent me an e-mail, only mentioning it because I actually haven't got so many from Christina (well, I know two Christinas, the email was from the cool Christina over at Wilson college)... On Friday I decided to have a drinking party with... just me! ^^; it was fun, I finished a whole 6-pack of cranberry beer... (and watching TV: the silly people on the weird QVC shopping channel...real freaks, Comedy Centeral, BET, the Spanish Channel, and some weird freaky 1950s movie about a killer blob from space!) Saturday was me still not feeling like doing anything, but in the evening Chiaki invited me over to hang out so I went over for a few hours... we talked, she helped me with my bad Japanese, and stuff like that. Today (Sunday) I quietly had my radio show and now I'm right here editing this blog. It was a refreshing weekend, with lots of time to think. I wondered why rainbows point down instead of up (light refraction?) and.,..when will I graduate?? and thinking will be cool to talk to Vicky again. A call from Vicky always makes me smiles, she's funny-nice. ^^*;


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