Tuesday, November 19, 2002

da yeon tae yeon kayokayo~!

Just wanted to say, cool Da Yeon and Tae Yeon called me yesterday... they were hanging out together and they decided to be brave and speak in English! yay! (Hey guys, did I use the correct pictures and spell names right??? ^^*;) ... it was really fun talking to both of them, it feels like being in Korea was such a long time ago! Memories of Korea are fading in my silly head, but I want to hold on to the brightest ones... I feel like I'm holding a lot of different papers (those are my memories) and there is a strong wind (that is time) and the wind is blowing away my papers... I can grab on to some, the bright big ones, but the smaller simpler papers are blowing away from me..... Anyway, if you guys read this (I don't know, do you?) please know that it was really nice to have that phone call, thanks. After they called, Kayo called to tell me about the moon. It was cool, and she let me talk about stupid boring silly Japanese history... I like talking about that kind of stuff.

Also... I saw this really unique music video on TV the other day. I think maybe its a Tori Amos video, but I'm not sure and it dosen't matter. But its a video where there are these two people, the girl is a head on a foot and the other is a man who is a head on a hand...and thats their bodies! And they are in the "real world" of "normal" people with normal bodies. Well, they meet and like each other... the hand-guy is trying to convince the foot-lady to like him, and he chases her around as she goes through life, eventually he finds her on the beach where she has fallen down and he uses his hand-body to pick her up and brush the sand off her face. Then they kiss, and their bodies mutate, change, twist, into "real" full bodies. Its freaky, but it somehow really stuck in my mind.


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