Wednesday, November 13, 2002


I'm happy!

On Friday I saw tons of movies (a Japanese movie, part of an American movie, and a few Chinese movies) with Polly, Priscilla, and Yvone. (I still don't have pictures of any of them to use as icons.) It was really fun, we stayed up really late at Priscilla's house and then we all fell asleep there at around 4 or 5 in the morning. After that I walked (or took a bus? I can't remember? I was so tired!) in the fairly early morning (9? 10?). It was really fun, if any of you guys read this, thanks... it was so much fun!

And on Saturday KAYO came up to Bellingham!!

click the picture for bigger version

It was so much fun, Kayo is wonderful. Polly was accidently on the same Grayhound Bus as Kayo, so we all took the same local bus home and talked...! That was fun getting to introduce Polly to Kayo. On Saturday night we walked down to a Mexicon food restraunt, and ate there. (On the way down we ran into Evan, who was going to a friends house.) At the restraunt Kayo got the names of guacamole and an herb mixed up, and we told the waitress that our food didn't have guacamole when it did, and we were complaining and the waitress brought us the guacamole and we figured out the word difference... it was emberessing for Kayo (not really me) but really funny-fun! ^^; and after that we walked back to my house and talked until real late. On Sunday, we walked through campus to my radio show. It was fun, and Kayo had brought some of her cool CDs with her... so I was able to play some cool bands on the radio that had never been on it... for example UNICORN and BIRD... also she had some DENKI GROOVE that I didnt have, so that was all awesome. After that we walked to Haggen and shoped for sauce and stuff, and we went home and made really good noodle-food. It was so good! (We also ate ice cream, thats what the picture above is...!) The food was really good I thought, and I still have some left because we made so much. Me and Kayo stayed up together most of the night and then she left early Monday morning in a taxi. (No! She didn't take a TAXI back to California~~!! She took the taxi to the grayhound bus station, which would take her to the airport, because it was early in the morning.) It was a good memory bubble, I wrote a poem about it. ^^; But anyway, I have class now. Thats all I'm saying in this diary! Have to run... SAMPAI JUMPA!!!


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