Monday, December 02, 2002

nicky kayo new pic

Thanksgiving update

Not much to say, but thanksgiving was awesome! For dinner time I went to Nicky's house (first icon)... the food was so good!!! If I get a picture from Nicky, I'll post it here. It was turkey, tons of pies, salad, and all sorts of other things. It was so good, I ate until I was stuffed... and then we all played Nicky's video games which was a funny-fun thing to do on Thanksgiving day. ..Nicky was on some kind of crack high (joking!!?! ^^*;) so he totally kicked everyone's ass at the video games... well, I don't really play video games that often so winning me isn't so amazing, but he was winning against everyone! freaky guy! but it was all really cool memories...~

bob, irene, david last year
And yesterday me and Chiaki (third icon above) went to Ayano's "Grandmother" Irene's house for Thanksgiving leftovers. (Ayano is the 2nd icon)... I don't have pictures of this years time... But last year I took the above picture of (Left to right) Bob, Irene, and David. They are really nice people, Irene is a really wild old lady. She's been all over the world, and has a deep heart. After the dinner, David played music on his guitar and we sang Christmas songs. Kind of early for Christmas songs, but it was still really fun. That was thanksgiving. Yummy! By the way, I'm proud of Kayo. ^^; hehehe she's always learning something new~! Kayo called me for a super long time on Saturday night (so her new picture is the 4th icon) and we talked real late... I'm surprized her ear didn't fall off!! but that was nice of her to call~....! ... Daag, SAMPAI JUMPA!


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