Monday, December 16, 2002

weekend update...

Well, I'm editing a paper for Kayo and I decided to take a quick brake to say a few thoughts about my silly weekend.

Late friday night (11:30pm?) I went with Steve to a party at Nickie & Emily's house. It was fun! Everyone was drinking and I started drinking skewdrivers and whatever else I was handed. It was kind of bad to drink that much... but I did end up seeing a lot of people who knew people I knew. I had some major euphoria going on! Cool~! Eventually I drank too much and puked on myself (don't really clearly remember this) and then put myself to bed.. or maybe someone else helped me fall asleep on the sofa? Because I don't remember taking my socks off. Anyway, thats too much drinking and thats what happens. But Nickie & Emily are great hosts and it was a great party guys! (Emily even made me brakefest in the morning and Nickie gave me a ride home in her cool car~)

Saturday... I saw too of the dumbest movies ever. They sucked so bad that I really liked it. (I like dumb movies...~) The first one was the "heart warming" story of a boy's father who dies and comes back as a snowman! It was so stupid, it was called Jack Frost, I think, and it had all the stupid phrases and corny special effects. It was almost so bad that it wasn't even good because it was badder than bad. Also saw "Hard Rain" about these bad guys who try to steal money durring a major rain storm or something and they are fighting the goodguys who also say lots of dumb things with silly special effects. I thought, if I was a stupid holywood company I would save money and make both movies into one! "Hard Snow" about a kid's father who dies and comes back as a snow-monster or something durring a wild snow storm and he attacks all the evil bad guys who are trying to steal money from his kid's bank. Or something equally stupid. (^_^) ... I like dumb TV, it hurts.

sunday...thats today. I didn't do much today besides read that Japanese cartoon that Priscilla gave me. Its really damn funny! I made a translation so everyone can see what I mean, I'll put it here soon... (in an update, so don't forget to check this entry again)


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