Thursday, October 31, 2002

Welcome to a new function! From now until I decide its not fun, I will post small icons of anyone & everyone who calls me, hangs out with me, sends me something in the mail, or somehow changes my day in a fairly big way. I hope no one will get angry because of this...! your all looking good, don't worry! but its going to be fun! (If I don't have it, make sure to let me take your picture!)

kayo icon evan icon christina sakura

I LOST MY KEYS!! Thats the thought screaming through my mind right now. It really sucks, I cant find my house keys. ....
Kayo (first icon, above) called me a few days ago, in her conversations she always has something deep to share. I will NOT say she freaked out, because if I say that she'll kill me! ^^*; hehehe... although I will say I should learn more about culture behind language, its so hard! Kayo is cool though, I hope she likes her "kayo icon" (its kind of an old picture?... its kayo, right?? hehehe)... And tonight I accidently met two of my American friends (that I first met way back, last year!) first.. when I came home tonight Evan (middle picture) was at my house hanging out with Steve (my neighbor/room mate) .. I saw him real quick, but it was cool because he has new hair now!! Silver gray, looks interesting/freaky/cool~! I need a new picture of him... and I met Christina S. (last picture) because I needed my notebook which I left at her house... and she gave me a halloween present, thanks Christina! yeah, useless diary entries...?? but this is a diary! I can write whatever I want! ... Oh! I also hung out with my American friend Priscilla (I don't have her picture yet, so no icon!) and we watched this cool Hong Kong movie, The Eye. It was kind of scary!! If you like scary movies, check it out... (although its not very scary).,.. Life is a blur. But its ok. I thought I thunk right now:... If you can fly in your mind, you can sing in your soul.


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