Thursday, October 10, 2002


I sent an e-mail to someone today and I said that I decide that I was "sad" ... It wasn't a big feeling, and I didn't really feel "sad" but I felt like something was different. I think what was hitting me was all the current "problems" (money etc) that have been messing with me lately. Well, I was walking out of an office today with even more bad news and I was caught up in that thought when suddenly I walked by this guy that I totally didn't know, and he smiled as he walked past and said:

"Man, you always are so happy, you always look happy as fuck man!"

(For those of us trying to learn more English, his saying "fuck" here dosen't mean he is angry, it just means "very happy") I was suddenly snapped back from my inside thoughts to the outside world and I realized I had been singing a little song to myself with a big smile on my face. I kinda laughed and as he was going one way, and me another way, I pointed to my head and said: "Its natural, in here!" and told him to have a good day. That made me start thinking. If I thought I was sad, why aren't I? Its kind of a weird thought~ . . .

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