Saturday, October 26, 2002

I love the internet.

I have a list of e-mails I need to reply to, but I haven't because I haven't had the time to spend... although I've been on this computer for a long time tonight! Why? Because I love the internet. I started off tonight by going to a silly dance party at a dorm near my appartment, it was ok... hip hop and techno music, a lot of people, but I got bored... so I decided to go the computer labs to use the computers.... and I ended up on a knowledge quest. Every time I dip into the deep pool of the internet I'm amazemed at the huge endless depths of this information network. Anything and everything... This week I selected a picture from the Chinese Space Program for the picture on my sidebar, its an example of the endless info on the net. Do you know that mainland China is making a human space program? Maybe as soon as 2003, and they have plans for a moon colony by 2010. (Thats a colony, a living place.) .. ok!!! Ok!! I know all this is really geeky, and stupid, but this is just some of the vast piles of information on the internet. its amazing.

ok whatever. Thats what I have to say. 3AM, time to crash my eyes into my pillow.


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