Monday, October 07, 2002

More thoughts...

¤Ä¤«¤ì¤¿¡ª¤­¤Î¤¦¡¢°ì¿Í¤Ç¼ò¤ò°û¤ó¤À¡£¤Á¤ç¤Ã¤È¤ª¤«¤·¤¤¤±¤É... ^^*;

I had a potluck yesterday in my small appartment. So many people came, it was really fun.

It was fun squeezeing everyone in, and we had lots of good food:

apples, sushi, cookies, sandwhiches, turkey, orange juice, etc.


After everyone left, I was sitting and my floor and I couldn't feel sleepy.

My thoughts were jumping around in my head, and my feelings

were crawling around in my brain, and so I decided to start drinking.

So, I drank my self to sleep again. Not really so smart, but it works.

In a few minutes, I'm going to go to my radio show. I'm going to play

a lot of the Pizzicato Five CD that cool Kayo sent me. Its a realy cool CD,

and so maybe today is Pizzicato day. ^^ 5 to tha Pizzo, jive to tha cato-faiiiive.

Or something like that. Dansen is finishing his thoughts... one more thought,

this diary is setup so really old entries will be deleted by new ones.. . so its

kind of like life. Nothing lasts forever, so enjoy your moments.

I don't know what I'm saying today. ¤¸¤ã¡¢¤Þ¤¿¤Í¤¨¡Á



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