Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hello everyone. This is my "freechal" copy. ㅋㅋㅋ ..I'm trying to make a interesting diary thing.

Its a public diary, so maybe you won't see anything shocking (or maybe you will~!)

I have no problem saying I'm totally copying this idea from many other people,

including my friend Nicky who has the exact same system on his website.

But this is my thoughts of whats happening. Keep on reading~!

do you know what? its my fate dude. I just wrote this long winded totally geeky

but really cool thought about Greeks & anciant Japanese ideas. and the damn

computer just died, and I lost it all. うそ!パスコンはヤバイね! It really sucks.

Maybe I'll say something quickly, and more stupid sounding this time.

I'm taking a Greek Litature class. グリクーの文学。I was thinking about

how anciant Greek and anciant Japanese Shinto has almost the same ideas!

The teacher was explaining the basic ideas behind traditional Greek thought:

1) honor gods, 2) honor parents 3) honor the dead 4) honor guests & hosts...

and this is totally old Japanese thoughts! The number 2 is kind of a result of

confusist but at the same time it mixed into old Shinto...~ but the rest have been

with Shinto for a long time! Shinto & Greek are both "polytheistic" (many gods)

although the main difference is Greek relgion is "anthropomorphic" (making gods

seem like real humans) but Shinto isn't (or am I wrong? is it?)... anyway... thats

enough geeky crap from me. blah blah blah, I dont stop talking.


帰りたい。おやすみ! thats all from me for now... SAMPAI JUMPA!


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