Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I cant figure out this "blogger" thing. Its mixing up my Japanese encoding.

Had a crazy weekend. Watched movies with Nickie (& crew) and Emily and Steve... we saw Remember The Titans. I'm really making this feel like a "diary" huh? Anyway.. On Saturday, Nicky (noticed the different spelling, its a different person) invited me to go with him to this kind of cool (but also a lot of old people were there, it felt silly that way) music show at some old-people (over 30s) bar downtown. Our friend (more Nicky's than mine) was playing lead guitar and singing, it was ok music and fun. After that I came home and drank myself to sleep (finished a whole bottle of cheap orange wine) ...before sleeping I played a lot of this really old video game (it was made in 1981!) called FROGGER. You have to try to get the frog across the street, with out getting hit by these cars and stuff. It was funny. I was singing in Japanese (I'm going to use romanji) "KAERU NO UTA GA KIKOETE KURU---AHH..KUSO!" when one of the cars would run over my poor little frog. The more I drank, the more often the poor frog would get hit by the cars. (Luckly he would be ok in a few seconds when the video game would reload.) I then watched some TV with Steve and then went off and faded into my bed. On Sunday I had a good radio show... Nickie and some of her Japanese friends were gunna come in with Emily, but none of them came in...~ none the less.. Evyan (Spelling?), Polly, and Polly's friend Priscilla came into the radio and played around and talked with me while I play the songs... so it wasn't so boring, and it was actually kinda fun. I had a "reject sunday" and played a lot of songs I had never played before. Some of the songs were really weird ("trippy" is the slang word for them)... but it was fun having fresh songs blow out across the air. (SUNDAYS! 3 to 5PM! 89.3FM!) Anyway, thats all I have to say for now.



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